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Chemical Plants




Machinery Supplied By

Fabrication, Erection, Piping Insulation and Painting of a soap & Glycerin Plant. Zulfiqar Industries Limited, Karachi. MAZONY OF ITALY.
Fabrication, Erection, Piping of a Detergent Plant of 2000 Kg. Per hour Capacity National Detergents Ltd.  Kotri – Pakistan. ( Design & Drawings Supplied by M/S Ballestra SPA – Italy. )
Laying/Welding of 10” dia Pipe line and erection of bunkering mains at Karachi Port Trust ( KPT) Berths No. 1,2,3,4,21,22,23 & 24. Karachi Port Trust  job carried out Under the supervision of World Bank. Karachi Port Trust

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